Privacy Policy

  1. The information the user provides, either through forms or by email, is for internal and exclusive use of the owner.
  2. The contact form on this website makes it possible to find out about and contact its visitors. The owner will not sell this information to third parties for commercial or non-commercial purposes,except when the owner is, legally or contractually, obliged to share this information with third parties or provide related statistical reports or data.
  3. The preceding paragraph covers any form, in the present or future, which is used by the user to request information or access website services.
  4. The owner of this website only collects and maintains the following data on visitors to the website:
    • The Domain name or location of the visitors for statistics on the countries and locations that most visit the website.
    • The time of accessing and exiting the website in order to create information about the time of greatest volume of visits with order to adjust the technical capabilities of our services.
    • The source of the website visitor, which lets us know if the visitor comes from other websites or search engines.
    • The number of visitors per day visiting each of our pages, to assess which topics are most popular with visitors and so that we can tailor our content to those interests.
    • The information obtained is completely anonymous, and under no circumstances can be associated to a specific user.
    • The website may use cookies (data files generated on the user's computer and make it possible to obtain the following information):
      • Exit and time of the last time the user visited the website Security data we create for access to restricted areas of the website.
      • The user can decide whether or not these "cookies" can be created on their computer by configuring their Internet browser. If they choose to protect themselves or in any way block the creation of cookies they may have problems accessing restricted areas of the website.
  5. If the user does not agree with this Privacy Policy or has any questions about it, please contact the owner of the website using the contact details provided on it.

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