Spring rolls

Spring rolls are a cylindrical pastry known in Portugal as a Chinese crepe.
The roll is made of a very thin and crispy crust and this can be filled with a variety of ingredients, including vegetables, the main ingredient being cabbage, and often beef, pork o poultry meat.


They are traditionally stuffed with fresh vegetables and green shoots, gently spiced and visually colourful, with a taste reminiscent of spring.

This savoury snack is part of Asian cuisine, and is a popular savoury snack alongside cod cakes, croquettes and other traditional Portuguese savoury snacks.

In China, spring rolls are closely tied with the Spring Festival, which explains the origin of their name.

Top Sabor makes spring rolls with a balanced mix of fresh vegetables and chicken mince. Because of their characteristic Asian flavour, this product is able to maintain the exotic flavour of a traditional spring roll to the delight of any one who enjoys them.

How to fold a spring roll


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